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Aire Mesh Harness

Aire Mesh Harness

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Why Choose OneTigris AIRE Mesh Harness?

The AIRE Mesh Harness is a bliss for muddy spring days and hot summer walks. With the same tactical style and durability as our other gear on the shelf, this one offers great ventilation through sturdy 1000D nylon and mesh fabric, is easy to clean and quick to dry. There are 2 padded handles with reinforced stitching at the top, one horizontal and one vertical, useful for getting in/out of a car, maneuvering your pup away from trouble, or for training sessions. You’ll find 3 leash clips at the front chest and along the back to cater to different needs and occasions such as no-pull training, hikes with long exploration leashes, and regular daily walks. And of course, we wouldn’t leave out the tactical touch of MOLLE compatible patch panels on the sides for modular attachment of add-ons and for personalization with morale patches and name tags. This is an air-light yet powerful piece of kit for adventures and everyday use.

Model: DG-GBX24


1000D Nylon, Nylon Mesh Fabric, Stainless Steel D-rings, UTX-Duraflex® Buckles

Sizing Info:
Size S: Neck 14-20" | 36-51 cm; Chest 20-27" | 51-69 cm; Back 12.5” | 31 cm
Size M: Neck 16-23" | 40-58 cm; Chest 24-32" | 60-81 cm; Back 15” | 38 cm
Size L: Neck 18-25" | 45-63 cm; Chest 27-36" | 68-91 cm; Back 17” | 43 cm
Size XL: Neck 20-29” | 51-74 cm; Chest 31-40” | 79-102 cm; Back 19” | 48 cm

Patch Panel Size:
Size M: 3 x 6” | 7.6 x 15.2 cm
Size L: 3 x 7” | 7.6 x 18.7 cm
Size XL: 3 x 8” | 7.6 x 20.3 cm

Pull Strength:
Size S/M: UTX-Duraflex® Buckle 121 lb | 55 kg; Front Chest D-ring 264 lb | 120 kg; Top D-ring 200 lb | 440 kg
Size L/XL: UTX-Duraflex® Buckle 143 lb | 65 kg; Front Chest D-ring 200 lb | 440 kg; Top D-ring 200 lb | 440 kg 

Product Weight:
Size S: 12.7 oz | 360 g
Size M: 16.2 oz | 461 g
Size L: 17.5 oz | 694 g
Size XL: 27.8 oz | 789 g



If you have purchased any OneTigris product from Shadow's Corner, you will receive 1 year Warranty on those items. 

Warranty covers any manufacturing defects, quality issues and if stitching becoming undone. 

Warranty does not cover

  • normal wear and tear
  • customized products
  • incorrect product use
  • product misuse

Product needs to include*:

  • original packaging
  • instructions
  • tags 
    and be unused. 
    (*in case of defective product received)

In case of a Warranty Claim, all shipping costs are borne by the customer. 

Final decision if Claim is covered by Warranty is done by Shadow's Corner and OneTigris.

How to measure?

First, you need to measure your dog and get 3 key measurements (Neck/Girth/Back length). Then you can compare it with the size chart we provided in the product description. Check below video with instructions on how to measure your dog:


Care Instructions for Nylon Gear 

Dirt Removal - After use, remove any visible dirt with a soft brush.

Zipper Care - Use mild soap and water and clean the zippers with a soft brush.

Stains - Use mild detergents with water, and a soft brush or sponge to wipe/scrub off stains.

Soap Residue - Use a wet towel with clean water to wipe off any soap residue.

Drying - Hang itme outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

Patch Panels - Close all the panels with hook patches, and/or put your gear in a mesh laundry bag, and use the gentle cycle with regular detergent. Air dry and avoid direct sunlight. To remove dirt, one can use a shallow brush or tweezers to catch most of the debris. When clear of dirt, the panel should stick again.

It is NOT recommended to machine wash OneTigris gear. Spray it down, and use warm water if necessary. Wipe off dirt and substance with non-abrasive tools such as a toothbrush.

Regular cleaning of buckles and D-rings is also very important. After each use, take a dry cloth to wipe clean metal surfaces; should signs of material oxidation occur, use a small amount of toothpaste to gently cleanse the surface.


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